About Us

Osteria Toscana An italian restaurant With a flare for fine dining

Osteria Toscana is a family owned Italian restaurant located in one of Clapham’s trendiest streets.


It’s our belief that cooking is a craft. We think that you can push it into the realm of art, but it starts with craft. It starts with an understanding of materials. It starts with an understanding of where foods are grown.
Our cuisine is not a list of ingredients or demonstration of technical abilities. It is a narration of the Italian landscape and our passions.
Cooking is a collision of techniques, ideas, and cultures. It is not mathematical. It is emotional


In Osteria Toscana, drinking wine is all about the life around you.
The wine is about friends.
Our wine are never the lead character, but rather good companions to the flavours on the tongue and on the mind.


This diversity in Italy’s food and wine showcases the breadth of Osteria Toscana too, carried on through generations of family members



Wonderful authentic Italian. Perfect coffee stop as well. Our new favorite in London
Went here today for my 90 year old grandmother’s birthday and it couldn’t have been a better experience. The dough is made from scratch daily. It’s a lovely place and our waiter Gabriel wonderful. I visit Chelsea twice a year for the past 10 and its easily the most authentic Italian I’ve had in London. Beautiful place. Simply decorated and very clean. There are two outdoor sitting areas. They also serve a perfect cappuccino and nice pastries. I’ll be stopping by here at least a few times every time I visit.

Kathy Taube


We came across this place waiting on relatives to jump off a bus. The atmosphere was great and the food was excellent. My favourite meal of the weekend!

Ronald Gonzalez


Absolutely perfect! Very good value for money, lovely staff, italian vibe, great quality of food. I am italian and it’s very hard for me to find a true Italian restaurant in London, but this tick all the boxes! Highly recommend!

Elizabeth P.Page